Friday, May 13, 2011

Foresight in hindsight

Wow. I was just searching my hard drive for something, and found this description of my current CD project instead. I wrote it on February 09, 1995. 16 years ago! That’s when I first decided to do this project.

I want this album to have really beautiful songs, played with a jazz sophistication (not really in jazz style, just the sophistication). Not insipid or repetitious, like New Age Music, or elevator music either. Strong, powerful and full of beauty. I won't be doing "It Shows" or "Laura Laur," or probably even "Tears At Last," because I think of them as more rock tunes. This is my mid-forties album (and it will be published before I'm actually 45, or even 44! Promise.

Amazing how well that describes what I'm now in the process of creating. It's a log time to have an unfinished dream. I’m glad I’m doing it now.

Meanwhile, I've got a tentative agreement with a fantastic drummer here in Seattle to do all the remaining drum tracks. Will keep you posted.

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