Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Making the Studio Version - Finally!

I created this blog to track my progress creating the studio version of my CD, to be titled Across the Years.

I first envisioned this CD way back in 1995, when I still lived on Orcas Island. I was writing a lot of music in those days, and had recently rediscovered songs I had written as far back as high school. I had software on my computer that allowed me to create arrangements using electronic synthesizers in place of real instruments. It was great fun to hear these songs with string ensembles, woodwinds and brass instruments, in addition to my piano - even if these instruments didn't quite sound real.

In 1998, after I had moved to Seattle, I released a "demo version" of the CD. It had 9 tracks, and featured mostly synthesized instruments -- all the piano parts were synthesized because I didn't have access to a real piano at that time. Although few parts, like the flute on "Picture You And Me," were real instruments played by friends, the overall effect was a lot less appealing than I had hoped.

Here are preview clips from that CD:
1. The Best Is Yet To Come [MP3]
2. Wishing I Were There [MP3]
3. Yellow Autumn Sun [MP3]
4. Monica's Song [MP3]
5. Picture You and Me [MP3]
6. Summertime Highway [MP3]
7. Kate [MP3]
8. Morning Air [MP3]
9. Across The Years [MP3]
All songs (C) (P) Leo Brodie 1998.

And here is the album cover image from the 1998 version:

I burned several dozen copies of the CD on my home computer, and sold some to friends. But my intention was to eventually produce a studio version, with live musicians playing all the instruments.

Being new to Seattle and not knowing any professional musicians in town, it looked as if my dream would cost on the order of $20,000 -- way beyond my budget. So I set it aside and waited. The following year I met my future wife and adopted a baby girl. While I did think about the project once in a while, I could never see a way to make it happen. Until a year ago.

More next time.

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