Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Perfect Approach: Slow Production

After "winning" James at the benefit auction, he agreed to play on one song in the studio. In fact, he was willing to play not only electric guitar, but bass as well (by overdubbing).

There are several songs on the CD that I would love for James to play on, but for this gig I chose a light, jazzy one called "Morning Air."

All I had to do now was book the studio time and hire a drummer, while remembering how to play the song on the piano and practicing it until I could get through it without mistakes.

I realized this is the perfect way to produce by CD. One track at a time, no rush. One track every few months would let me practice and prepare, and also save up the money for studio and the musicians.

As it turns out, our schedules for the recording session didn't align until November. But meanwhile, I was spending a lot more time at the piano. My daughters were listening to a song on the radio by a young contemporary band, which I really liked. For fun, I made cover of it - not for the CD, but for me (and YouTube):

And had so much fun with that, I went for even more tracks on a very old favorite of mine:

Meanwhile, I wrote the chart for "Morning Air" to send to James, and practiced it daily on the piano.

When you're in no rush, time truly is on your side.

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