Friday, March 18, 2011


By early Summer of 2010, I had found a well-recommended, affordable recording studio, and was planning to invite Anna to go with me to get a high-quality recording of the cello/piano arrangement (see previous post). I was excited about that because I had never had my music professionally recorded in a studio.

I still wasn't thinking about the CD project at all. But on June 25, Cindy and I, along with the girls, went to a benefit concert and auction at our church. Several of the regular musicians were offering their services for the auction. The idea was that if you won the highest bid, they would come to your party or event and play. 

Cindy wanted to contribute to the fundraiser. She leaned over and asked which musician I would want to bid on. Instantly, I replied "James." I was referring to the amazing guitarist James Howard, who performs regularly with his own blues-rock band, and often plays at our church.

Quick flashback: Several years earlier, while chatting with James, I asked about hiring him to play on my CD project. He was open to it, but we didn't get specific, and the idea still seemed out of reach, so I didn't pursue it.

As it happened, Cindy was the highest bidder on James. But I still wasn't sure if he would agree to a studio gig. Later I emailed him to ask how he felt about that. He loved the idea. He wrote back: "Thank you so much for buying me at the auction and having such a cool creative way to manifest the opportunity."

So we were on. It was as if these coincidences - discovering a cellist in my neighborhood, preparing to hire a recording studio, and then "winning" James' services at the auction - conspired to kickstart my CD project!

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